Why Websites?

Businessman drawing cloud network on whiteboardNews Flash – The world is Digital! There are over a billion websites on the Internet today, and that number is rapidly growing! Almost every aspect of our life is now impacted by software and the Internet.   An iPhone 5 with 16 gigabytes of memory has about 240,000 times the memory of a Voyager spacecraft! Technology is changing our lives at a dizzying rate.

But while some people can barely cope with the speed our lives are changing, we see opportunities everywhere. The Internet, or world wide web, as it was called, is has impacted everything.  Possibly the most important is the shift away from traditional “brick and mortar” businesses to online shopping. Stewart Varney, from Fox Business News, calls it “The Retail Ice Age”:

This rapid change brings about opportunities that surprisingly few have even seen. Web-based businesses are becoming the next great asset class. We focus on businesses that derive their entire income from their websites. These sites are known as authority or affiliate websites. A good affiliate website can be a gold mine if it is properly run.  Who wouldn’t want a successful business that does not need a warehouse, requires no shipping, billing or even customer follow-up?

These websites do need relationships with good companies who want them to publish their links and continuing optimization to assure they are highly visible to the search engines.  Usually they are based on some kind of theme to target a particular market.  What’s even better is when there are two or more sites, all targeting the same market but selling complementary products.  This builds synergy and increases the viability of each of the sites. These are the sites we seek.

So the real question is not “why” but, “why not” websites? We see revenue-generating websites as the perfect business opportunity and will continue to grow our base in these assets.