Website Development

Website DevelopmentOur website philosophy is simple: “Simple”

There are beautiful websites with lots of scrolling pictures, pop-ups and modern tech goodies that most designers live for. And then, there are sites that are still attractive and well-presented, but with less of that distracting “bling” and displaying a direct message that speaks directly to your audience. We prefer these sites. Much like the site you are on now, our goal is to get the message across without distraction. Because after all, you may be a startup, and at this critical phase in your company’s life, it is more important for your audience to see what you have to offer than to show off the talents of your web designer.

The time may come for an even more visually attractive site – we understand that. And at that time ,we will help you with the bidding process to find the right designer who can create what you like. There are many developers who can create nice websites. But don’t let them lose focus of your message in the process. So like everything else we do, we can manage that project for you and in concert with your wishes to assure that you get the right website for your business. But for the beginning, we just think the message is more important, so we say, “Simple.”