A New Asset Class

businessman with boxes

Great fortunes have been amassed throughout history through property ownership. Property, or real estate, has proven to be a reliable path to wealth for those with the ability to acquire it.  It will always be a strong investment alternative, but some who do not want to deal with repairs, rent collection and vacancies are looking for better alternatives.

Websites as an Asset Class

Noted author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Marc Ostrofsky, said, “Domain names and Websites are Internet Real Estate”.  Revenue generating websites are growing at an exponential rate, and owning a good one can be better than having an apartment building!  Well known sites can bring in millions of dollars – a day!  But there are thousands of sites bringing in $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 or more that can be purchased and held as an asset. Many people have been able to secure a safe, regular income through website ownership.