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Meet Mridula Baljekar

Mridula Balkejar

We are honored to be working with the international award winning Indian author and chef, Mridula Baljekar. We have known Mridula for several years, meeting her when she had her hugely successful restaurant, “Spice Route” in Windsor, England. We are assisting her with marketing efforts and working in conjunction with her social media team to help build her brand as she introduces a new line of chutneys and other prepared Indian dishes in the UK. You can learn more about Mridula here…

The Retirement Account Advantage

provident trust logo

People often ask about investing in websites or even other “alternative” investments through their retirement accounts.  Many of us may not have a lot of free cash outside such accounts, but we would like to take advantage of the higher returns that websites and other alternatives can offer.

It’s actually an easy process to set up a “self directed” retirement account.  You may have an account today that is self directed in the sense that you can choose what stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc. to add to your portfolio or even buy and sell at will.  All the major brokerages, such as Ameritrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab and the others offer such accounts. But they are limited to traded securities, and not alternative investments.

However, there are companies who specialise in allowing the investor much more freedom regarding where to place their retirement savings.  Whether it is websites, property or even precious metals, these companies can set up accounts and manage them for you – but, there is a process that must be followed to be sure you don’t violate the intricate rules of the IRS and invalidate your retirement investment!

The rules are beyond the scope of this article, but we have tried a couple of these companies, and we can unreservedly recommend one of them: Provident Trust.  The first company we used (which will go un-named) was very difficult to work with and required the use of very complex forms.  They also charged very high fees – so much, in fact, that by the time we got our profitable investment back in our hands, we had lost all the profits to their fees!  Big mistake, and not going there again; but this time we tried Provident, and they are a dream to work with.

Their forms are simple, and their people are easy to talk to.  We sent a sample contract from our website supplier, and they accepted it right away, funding the deal in a matter of days instead of weeks.

We’re such happy customers that they have set us up a portal where we can access all the forms you need to get started.  Just get in touch, and let us know what kind of account you have, and we’ll get a form out to you so you can get started:

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Buffalo Milk for Alternative Income?

a momma buffalo and a baby buffaloAccording to the website, NZ Farmer, milking buffalo can be a great source of alternative income!  “We have a few people interested…”, the website stated, going on to say, “Prospects for buffalo milk dairy production had never been more positive…”.

We don’t know about you, but the idea of milking buffalo doesn’t seem as appealing to us as owning a revenue generating website. After all, you have to feed the buffalo and be careful that it doesn’t run over you in the process!  But you simply sit back and collect monthly returns from your websites – and, they don’t smell!

So do yourself a favor and buy a revenue generating website.  You will probably enjoy it a lot more than milking a buffalo!