Operations Management

operations managementSetting up a new business is detailed and time consuming. New entrepreneurs need to hit the road running – to get out and start meeting potential clients. You don’t need to be spending time going to banks or dealing with attorneys and accountants. We’ve set up businesses in the US and throughout Europe.

We know the steps to take and can do all the groundwork while you get out and start developing business. But all the while, you will be kept in the loop, and your preferences will be our blueprint to assure the setup process goes perfectly. We will work with you to find that perfect balance that assures you maintain control while we execute your wishes.

But we don’t stop there. Back office systems are also needed to assure that things get off to a good start and continue to run smoothly. We can assure that all aspects of the business are running property, including managing invoicing and cash flow and coordination with your trusted outside professionals to assure the business is running properly and there won’t be any year end surprises.