Meet the Partners

David & Arlene Brown


David and Arlene Brown have functioned as a dynamic management team for over 40 years in both the domestic and international markets. Their consulting expertise in the sales and marketing arena was gained while serving in executive management positions for high tech public and private companies, including their own successful business which they operated for 10 years.

Their first company working together, David Brown Associates, was an early reseller of networking and data communications equipment and became the leading company of its type in the southeastern US.  They functioned as the sales team for powerhouses of of the networking industry, including Cisco Systems, for whom they were the first representative in the region, and Network General Corporation, with whom they eventually merged.  They remained at Network General to eventually take over the responsibility for Europe, Middle East & Africa, where they built and managed an EMEA operation that exceeded all expectations and helped put Network General in the category of world class company.

They went on to start the EMEA operations for two further companies, JFAX.COM, the unified messaging giant now known as J2 Communications (JCOM), and network security firm Network ICE, creators of the BlackICE firewall, now owned by IBM. Since that time they have had various consulting assignments, including work done in support of Fidelity Ventures, helping companies expand in the US and in the European markets.

Throughout their careers, they have been on the forefront of new technology waves and trends, where they learned to implement the strategies and tactics that lead to success. Today, they are still learning and using their experience to assist new companies with business development and operations management.

Their personal interests include culture, wellness and travel. They continue to write about on their website, The Savvy Traveler and have now become Travel Advisors, using the knowledge learned from their own extensive travel experience to assist a handful of clients with their travel planning.