Buy a Website

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There are two ways to buy a website – the Hands On Approach, and the Hands Off Approach:

The Hands On Approach is to locate a site you want, negotiate a good purchase price, buy it and operate it yourself. If you want to go that way, we can help you find a site. But still, you must have access to web developers, digital marketing experts and SEO specialists if you want to keep up with the times.  Google and the other search engines are always changing the ground rules, so you really have to keep ahead of them.  If you are really into DIY, or if you have a small staff, we can get you the training needed to help keep your team at the top of their game.  When all these stars align, you can make some really good money with this approach.

Replacement Guarantee

We prefer the Hands Off Approach.  This one is dead simple: our partner, the Income Store, can buy and/or builds you a Revenue Generating site.  They grow it and manage it for a share of the revenue.  That’s right – they’ve got a vested interest in your success. And, they can even provide you with a Replacement Guarantee!  They can do this because they are good  – excellent, really – they know their business.  Their sites will be viewed over a billion times in 2017.

We have partnered with the most successful company in the website acquisition and management business.  To date, they have purchased over 800 websites for their customers.  And, the results are so good that they also own over 3,000 that they keep for themselves!

They take your needs into consideration to assure that your site works best for your situation. It is your site, your asset and your revenue stream.  But here’s what then so successful and why you should be excited to do business with us – they are experts in digital marketing.  They take your new site and completely rebuild it’s digital profile. They keep up with the changing landscape of Search Engine Optimization.  They assure that your site continues to produce income – for you and for them – month after month, and year after year.  The result is a more productive site from the start and the best possible potential for growth throughout your period of ownership.

In addition to being an Inc 5000 fastest growing company, they have been widely featured in the press.


Like the concept? If so, please get in touch, and we will be glad to arrange a meeting so that all your questions are answered. The choice is yours.