business man draw business solutionsJasmine Partners LLC began as a consultancy in international business development, founded by David & Arlene Brown, who have extensive experience in both the domestic and international marketplace.  Our roots are from the telecom industry, and as networks began to emerge, we moved into the enterprise software industry, providing network management and internet security products. The company’s business model was built around working primarily with startups and emerging businesses. Our mission has continued to grow over time to take advantage of the latest opportunities brought about by the rapid changes in the digital world.

We would be happy to lend our expertise to small businesses that wish to grow and could benefit from our experiences, especially in the area of marketing strategy and tactics.  We also work with companies who are just beginning to look for a web presence. We can design a simple but functional website to get you online quickly and tell your story concisely and easily to understand.

We continue to grow our own web presence and operate a number of website properties in areas of interest to ourselves. In particular, we have seen the tremendous opportunity for growth in the post-Covid travel industry and address this through our own travel website, The Savvy Traveler, which helps travelers find the best experiences when visiting foreign lands. It also supports our latest venture as Travel Advisors, drawing upon our extensive travel experience through the many years of living in and traveling around Europe.